Crying baby

Dealing with a crying baby is a situation that every parent has experienced.  It’s an issue that I am currently in – my little one is less than a year.  The usual reasons for crying are teething and colic.  As a mommy interested in keeping things as natural as possible, I have used mainly homeopathic remedies for both.  I am a huge fan of the Boiron line that includes Quietude and the single dose ampules for baby colic, teething, etc.

I knew my first child had colic not just by the timing of her cranky crying (starting 6 weeks after birth) but also because massaging her stomach in the ‘I Love you’ method calmed her and usually led to flatulence.  (The massage method involves gently pressing the large intestine in a sequence /directionality that mimics the normal motion of the digestive system.  You press first at the lower right corner of the abdomen – above the right hip and work your way up towards the diaphragm.  Then cross the abdomen at this high level under the ribs towards the left side of the body.  Then continue pressing down the left side towards the left hip.  If there is a significant amount of gas, a pass or two along this route should lead to flatulence.)

I also consulted with a naturopath and a previous boss who is also a doctor regarding my first child’s colic. They recommended a particular combination of probiotics.  (Probiotics are bacteria that are normally found in the intestines and aid in the digestion of food.  It’s the normal flora of the intestines – they belong there.)  Normally the intestines get ‘seeded’ with bacteria over time and this digestive deficiency in babies will clear itself up over time.  But watching a baby go through so much discomfort and chosing to do nothing was not something I was going to do.  By the time my second child started experiencing these symptoms, out came the probiotics and with just a few doses (I started the ‘treatment’ right away) she was totally fine.

Sometimes crying means more serious things though – and that’s the real basis for this post.  A friend’s baby was just a demon.  He cried all the time – shrieked really for most of his early years.  He got quite a bit better over time but by the age of 5 he still wasn’t quite the child that a parent would have dreamed of having.  A recent trip to the doctor’s office led to the same comments as always – he’s got a lot of wax in his ears.  Well this answer just wasn’t cutting it anymore and his mom took him to a small town doctor for more attentive treatment.  And that’s what they got.  Turned out that wax was the least of his problems.  He had a persistent ear infection that had by then led to hearing loss (which when his mom looked back on the issue was always a problem) and would need immediate surgery.

I guess what I want to say here is that as parents we know when something is wrong.  This mom sure did with her son – she talked to just everyone about her son’s unrelenting crying.  Kids cannot say what is wrong in a way that makes it crystal clear for their caregivers.  They need us to be their advocates.  We need to pay attention and do what we know is right for our children and go after the answers that make sense.

For more info on new baby issues / general health topics, visit the Healthy Information pages of the You Get Well Soon website.


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