Can’t get enough

OK this has nothing to do with anything – really.  I’m kind of addicted to the Yahoo! Canada news bites.  You know they post a pic and then you can read a smidge of the story and if you’re interested get the whole post.  Well, I’m not sure why I’m so insistent on reading the whole post sometimes because I just get ticked off.

For instance, on Saturday they were featuring the best and worst of summer drinks.  I don’t drink coffee – not sure why that one didn’t get me – I mean 2 kids and 10 years in university – you’d think I’d be mainlining coffee by now.  Alas, not so much.  But since I know I’m the only one (well, me and my husband – I guess we oddballs find each other), I go to coffee houses with friends and family and have found a fav drink at each location.  This ‘expose’ featured drinks with actually 1000s of calories, 100+grams of fat and 50+ grams of sugar.  Yikes! But I scrolled down to Starbucks because, I’m just as hooked as everyone else (soy chai latte, no water and no foam – better than with milk and somehow less sweet – who’d’ve thunk?) and they featured the standard Frap.  Now this was a grande size and it had (now this is from memory because I’m writing this 2 days later – clearly it still bugs me) 2 grams of fat and 46 g of sugar.  This didn’t bother me – hell soda of any variety (or juice for that matter) is 10% sugar.  So a can (355mL) has 35g of sugar.  What did bother me was the writer wrote that such a drink should only be had ‘once a year’ due to the high sugar and fat.  Did you read your own article?  There were drinks that had more sugar and fat than an entire tub of ice cream – and you’re giving the Starbucks latte grief – does this character just hate Starbucks or something?

OK, beef number 2 with their ‘news’ bits.  So they hooked me into reading about Princess Diana’s black dress that she wore while engaged to Charles – the one that had about a billion snaps of when she was emerging from a limo.  Anywho, I go into the article and what pic did they use – one of the billion of her in the dress – the one I expect and on some level want to see – nope!  They used some pic of the dress on a mannequin in some display showcase.  Really?  I don’t give a rat’s *$&% what the dress looks like in a warehouse.  I want to see it on the person who made it famous.  It’s not like a big organization like Yahoo! cannot access such things – it’s what makes the article – what’s the problem.  I’m reminded of reports I submitted in school that lacked such details and received less than great grades.

Just something to put out to the ether – so that my husband doesn’t have to hear me raging about the same things again.  Bless him, he finds it funny to hear me go all nutty over nothing.  Guess better over nothing than the cat litter – that’s still not done.  Yeah, still not done – Oops – that’s a bad direction.  Yahoo!  I’m mad at Yahoo!

How bout you – what makes you nutty about internet news?


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I'm a Calgary mom who left a life of research and teaching to stay at home and raise my children. I'm also a business owner: YouGetWellSoon.
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