OK so I didn’t plan but did it have to go sooooo wrong?

I have 2 kiddos.  One’s a pre-schooler and the other an infant.  I decided to go to the park with both of them and took the stroller.  I parked pretty far away from the kids play area so that I could not only wear my little walker out but also to get some exercise myself too – I’m still fluffy from baby.  When we passed the restrooms I did the mommy thing and asked if a trip was needed.  Nope – so off we went.  Over the bridge and into the first of many kids play areas.  We passed the first one and went off to the second one on the beaten path (so that the stroller wouldn’t have to go over the grass – sounded like I was planning ahead – ahhhh, not so.  Just goes to show that experience pays – now I even have emergency hospital packs – because you never know.)

She was off playing and I nursed the baby.  We were there for maybe 5 minutes – when . . . you know what’s coming . . . she pipes up: I have to pee.  Great.  So I scooped up baby, my purse and took her by the hand off to the restrooms near the first play area we passed.  I got to the door and it was locked.  I dragged her around to the men’s side – it was locked too.  That’s when I finally read the sign on the door that read that the public restrooms will be open to the public – in 4 days.  Yup – they were going to open to the public for the ‘season’ which was not deemed to start for another 4 days.  So I figured, I would just let her do it au natural.  There was nearly no one around – it was ‘pre-season’ after all.

So I set down baby on the ground – baby was only about 3 months old at that point and turned to the task at hand.  I got the pants down and was holding my big girl so that she could pee.  Then I heard a wail of a cry.  If you guessed that the baby had rolled over and was face-down in dirt and leaves – you’re spot on.  I let go of my poor crouching, half-naked toddler so that I could scoop up the baby and get the dirt out of her mouth.  This whole scene freaked out my toddler such that the pee retreated back into her bladder and possibly all the way back to her kidneys.  The baby was not easily soothed after the bizarre ordeal she had endured and there I was in the woods with only my purse, a half-naked kid and a baby covered in dirt and leaves. And if you think I had no response to the genii who decided when the ‘season’ should begin – you’d be mistaken.  Perhaps this had some affect on both my poor kiddos reaction to this little scene.

Back on went the clothes, and we trudged back to the play area where I had left the stroller.  I loaded everyone back up and back across the bridge we went again.  I got to the restrooms I had passed on the way in and we were back on track.  Sadly it involved a public restroom whose temperature was set at nearly 40C but hey it was open. Apparently it was season-independent.

We did make our way back to the same play area and had our play time after all. (What would a mommy do after all of that trouble but go back?) It was just another long, crazy outting in the day of a mommy trying to give the kiddos some fun.  So next time you see a wild-eyed woman in line at the grocery, you can have this story in mind.


About YouGetWellSoon

I'm a Calgary mom who left a life of research and teaching to stay at home and raise my children. I'm also a business owner: YouGetWellSoon.
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