Parking Wars – It’s On!

Ok, so I’ve never seen the show Parking Wars but I’m guessing that I could have been on the show today.  I went to drop off a get well soon gift at a hospital today – I was there for a grand total of 2.5 minutes – result – $40 fine.  WTF.  Was the parking dude standing behind my car when I parked because there’s bugger little way to have ‘caught’ me otherwise.

I did park illegally – in a marked spot – not a handicapped spot – but a regular marked spot and I didn’t pay the meter.  (Meters here mean walking over to a special Pay Station and registering your plate and paying $3.50/hr – with a minimum pay of $1.75. Really – because I knew I was only going to be a COUPLE of minutes but no – they need a minimum of 30 mins of money from EVERYONE.)  Here’s what I’m really angry about – going to a hospital is stressful.  You either work there or you’re there for a stressful reason.  There are really only the 2 choices.  So why make a stressful experience MORE stressful?

Why not make it like the airport?  It’s a hassle to go to the airport and they know it.  There’s crazy people and parking issues and likely you’re pretty stressed out to get there on time.  So they’ve done a rather clever thing – you can park there for a ‘short period of time’ (30 mins) for free.  Say what?!?  In a city whose parking rates rival New York and Los Angeles – and let me tell you Calgary is NO NY.  In no way at all – except costs.

Yes, why can’t the hospitals take a page out of the airport’s book and charge people reasonable rates if you’re staying for a period of time but Give People A Break when they’re just stopping by.  Hospitals are there to help people, to make them feel better, comforted, secure.  So why would they choose to create animosity against them?  They wonder why they ‘need’ to create policies that protect their workers from verbal abuse.  Really – perhaps the best defense is a good offense – Cut the Crap with the parking!!!  Allow people some latitude when they are clearly only there because of a life event that was not planned.  I don’t know about you but a heart attack in a 350lb person who never exercises and eats Twinkies for breakfast is forseeable – not planned.

Parking Wars – I finally get it.


About YouGetWellSoon

I'm a Calgary mom who left a life of research and teaching to stay at home and raise my children. I'm also a business owner: YouGetWellSoon.
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