Nursing lying down?

Breast is best.  We’ve all heard it but how on earth are we to manage that in the middle of the night? We really don’t want to have anyone nodding off (mom or baby) and possibly hurting themselves.  You can breastfeed lying down but how is this accomplished?

The method most often recommended involves using the breast that is on the side mom’s laying on (right breast if laying on right side).  I, myself, tried this (it felt like a million times) with my crying babe in the night and had zero success.  But one night when she was completely inconsolable I decided to go downstairs to the couch and let my husband sleep. Sweet of me, wasn’t it? In the process I had a bunch of blankets and pillows out and discovered that if you prop up the baby on a pillow you can breastfeed off of the higher breast.  So if lying on down on your right side, prop the pillow against your chest and the baby can lie comfortably and nurse off your left breast – the higher one.

I have since used this method consistently with my kids in the night. We found that we could all get more rest and better quality rest using this modification.  I can’t speak for anyone else but I know that I was far more calm and baby cried far less, grew faster and was never sick.  Perhaps it was coincidental, but I wasn’t taking chances with baby #2 – and I started this technique right away.

Give it a try – you might find it as helpful as I have.

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I'm a Calgary mom who left a life of research and teaching to stay at home and raise my children. I'm also a business owner: YouGetWellSoon.
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3 Responses to Nursing lying down?

  1. melani says:

    I BF both my girls. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever done (and I am not a hippie-earth-love-child-new-age-what ever, so that is saying something :))

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