Quiet Time – it’s supposed to be quiet right?

Today’s quiet time (and thank you to my neighbour Sara for letting me in on this mom trick) was blissfully easy.  (Usually this is a torture test of my limited patience.) My baby is a bit sick with some kind of throat thing. Her voice sounds so hoarse you’d think she’d been crying for hours when in reality she’d just woken up.  And I don’t let her cry.  Yesterday I was driving back from my parents’ place and stopped on the highway (off to the side where it was reasonably safe due to some construction that lowered the speed limit and left room to be away from the flow of traffic).  That little thing was shrieking something fierce.  Cell phones and food in the car are the least of my distractions – try having a kid screaming.  And what fool designed cars in such a way that you are unable to see or touch your kids.  How is this safer?

Bottom line – baby’s sick and I’m in no mood to deal with the older one.  So when quiet time came I was a bit concerned that it would be the usual battle.  This brought me to the realization that she’s nothing like me when it comes to sleep.  I love sleep.  It’s one of my favourite things in the universe – no fooling.  I’d take it over a bath or even a good book and certainly over what constitutes TV entertainment these days.  I really don’t get how my own little one could resist sleep so completely.

It’s not only that I love sleep it also happens very easily.  I can fall asleep anywhere – in seconds.  That’s not an exaggeration.  I’m a bit of a family legend.  Once when I was little, my mom took me downtown to go shopping with her and she ran into a man she hadn’t seen in some time.  Apparently there was some mild flirting that ended abruptly when he noticed the ladies passing-by giving my mom dirty looks.  I had fallen asleep on her shoe.  This is only one in a laundry list of places I’ve slept; face-down on a furnace vent, in the bathtub (twice during the same bath – thanks mom for the phone calls), with a toothbrush in my mouth (many times) and a personal favorite of mine, cross-legged on the bed while blow-drying my hair.  (Yes, I did wake up suddenly after burning my neck on the dryer grill.  If your university has a clinic – it’s a great place to visit if you too fall asleep under hazardous conditions. Emergencies are taken first – just like in hospitals.)

I guess my point of writing this is how do parents manage when their kids differ so wildly?  How do I learn what I’ve never known and have no way to understand?  I’m a fan of homeopathics and I know some formulations might work but is there anything else – aside from prescriptives?  I don’t expect my kids to be mini-mes but I wasn’t expecting this level of different either.

Funny, I thought of a list of traits I wanted for my little ones but this never even crossed my mind – sorry peanuts.  I asked for a ton of good stuff – hope it makes up for this omission.


About YouGetWellSoon

I'm a Calgary mom who left a life of research and teaching to stay at home and raise my children. I'm also a business owner: YouGetWellSoon.
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