Another one bites the dust – well not dust, but retires

If you grew up in the 80s, you know exactly who Phil Collins is and what an incredible influence and impact he has had on music. I remember well doing a thorough washing of an apartment to

To this day I can probably sing every word (not well mind you) and recall every nuance of these songs. But if his retirement reminds me of anything, it is that I too am aging. And perhaps I can learn a few things from this rocker.
One of the reasons he sites for retirement is that he has problems with his back and nerve damage in his hands from years of hunching over a drum set. I myself have never played drums and have no concept of the ergonomics of the instrument.

I do wonder if perhaps a redesign of the seating or set up would help out in this department. I cannot imagine having to stop doing something I love because doing it has become the cause of health problems.
It also brought up for me something that was harped on when I was growing up – Posture. My family was rather anal-retentive on this issue and because of it I still have quite good posture and even make a point of sitting properly when at the laptop. I do this not just because I was constantly reminded to do so but more out of a deeply held knowledge that my body prefers it. Just try it and you’ll notice the difference. Your breath can come more easily and deeply. Your back won’t hurt when you stand up and you’ll find yourself far less fatigued. Unfortunately, like any other form of attention – it takes effort and practice. (Like thinking good thoughts – it doesn’t come naturally at first – it takes practice.)
I don’t expect that Mr. Collins will ever read this but if I could I’d ask him if he’s every really tried out yoga or, even easier on the body, QiGong. Or perhaps even some simple breath/ stretching exercises like Dr. Fulford’s.


Unlike most classic yoga poses that seem to be more focused on stretching/ bending (seem, being the operative word) this one is more about attention to your own body’s internal position. Focusing on your body – in a good way. A way that helps your body to work better, feel better.

Another less well-known method for achieving internal balance and awareness is QiGong. I was introduced to this practice by my massage therapist. I had been going while pregnant and found that the practice of QiGong could be minimally physical while still producing wonderful, energizing and relaxing (I know weird combo) sensations. It can resemble Tai Chi and also is great at focusing the mind and body.

Either way, I do hope that Mr. Collins is able to find some physical relief for his chronic symptoms and is able to fully enjoy his retirement and kiddos.

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