It’s just plain weird . . .

OK this is going to be a long series, I can see it already.

So there’s a little one in my life who is just a nutty nut.  She loves to eat.  She’s one of these little ones who might be a bit too much like a goldfish – just eat, eat, eat until she explodes.

She gets so angry if you go to eat anything and she’s not in on it – even if it’s something she cannot possibly eat properly.  Here’s a for-instance.  She loves her sibling’s snacks: usually peas and carrots. The healthy, raw kind.


But she cannot chew them enough or when she does she doesn’t realize that that’s as chewed as they’re going to get so anytime might be a good one to finish the ingestion process.  So she ends up chewing them for 10 minutes (that’s not even an exaggeration) and at some point gets bored and spits them out.  And I can tell you, cats are not like dogs.  They won’t come along and mop up anything that lands on the floor.  Nay Nay.  You end up walking on spit-out, chewed-up veggies.  Or better yet, coming across them when you go to clean up the mountain of toys before the next round of ‘let’s see how big a mess we can make’.  Good times.

So why oh why does she insist – and I mean insist (you see the picture) on having what she ultimately doesn’t want?

It’s just plain weird!


About YouGetWellSoon

I'm a Calgary mom who left a life of research and teaching to stay at home and raise my children. I'm also a business owner: YouGetWellSoon.
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